A Willys for the Wise

Metal Willys coupes are uncommon. Getting ones that haven’t been hot rodded? That is nearly unheard of. In the past two a long time, I feel I’ve noticed much less than 5 in person. When I was strolling all around the Minnesota Point out Fairgrounds at Back again to the Fifties previous month, I stumbled upon a 1940 Willys coupe. It wasn’t a Gasser. It was not an Altered, a road freak, a Pro Streeter or any mix of any of individuals. In its place, it was really a lot inventory.

Hold out, what? From the well-worn red and white paint to the steelies and broad whites, each and every piece of the puzzle was just great. As considerably as I could inform, the car or truck was 100 per cent finish with a couple time period extras. Though I was getting it all in, I overheard two bystanders’ observations.

“Look,” 1 claimed, “this coupe has all the trim.”

“Huh?” the other replied. “Willys had trim?”

When they had been initially produced, Willys were being intended to be overall economy cars and trucks. It took observing a inventory 1 to recognize how significantly smaller they are than 1940 Fords. (For reference, the Ford’s wheelbase is 112 inches as opposed to the Willys’ 104.) They’re equally unwanted fat fendered, but the Willys is just scaled down. It tends to make sense why they were so usually turned into quarter-mile terrors.

I’ve constantly cherished Willys I’ve dreamt of owning a nose-up 1940-’41 avenue Gasser for most of my lifetime. But there was one thing about this survivor in driver ailment that made me respect them in a total new way. I’m a substantial advocate of slicing up cars to develop what you want, but I experience like this just one is just correct. It’s an automotive treasure, and I’m happy it’s still about.

Joey Ukrop