The Audi R8 is nearing the conclude of the line. As a swan song to the storied nameplate, the German marque has launched the remaining 2023 R8 V10 GT. However, all those who want to get a maintain of the closing R8 but really don’t prefer a mounted roof will be disappointed.

Talking to Carbuzz through the start of the Audi R8 GT, the model’s Technical Job Supervisor, Nils Fischer, verified that a Spyder variant for the R8 GT will not likely be happening. When questioned the cause driving this move, Fischer confirmed to the publication that it was simply just since there just isn’t enough generation quantity left.

Of notice, the Audi R8 GT will have its production by 2023 only, which suggests that it will not return in 2024. These who find to purchase this V10 supercar will have to do so inside a year. Although the arrival of a drop-prime R8 GT was currently dominated out in the coupe’s launch in Oct, this confirmation from Fischer has completely shut the doorway for the Spyder hopefuls.

The 2023 Audi R8 V10 GT will have limited generation, with only 333 units to be developed. This mirrors the figures of its initially namesake again in 2010, albeit that 1 also came with 333 R8 GT Spyder units.

The final R8 V10 packs 612 horsepower (456 kilowatts) and 565 Newton-meters (417 pound-ft) of torque, routed to the rear wheels via a recently formulated seven-speed, twin-clutch transmission that’s claimed to produce equipment changes more rapidly than before.

This could be the final Audi R8 which is operating on ICE as the upcoming one particular is said to be run with electric motors though applying a Porsche platform and coming in 2025. Fischer, even so, verified to Carbuzz that the potential of the R8 is still to be established.