Dyno Testing The 300,000 mile 1990 OBS Chevy Right before The Engine Swap. Will It Make Any Electricity, or Blow Up?

Dyno Testing The 300,000 mile 1990 OBS Chevy Before The Engine Swap. Will It Make Any Power, or Blow Up?

I hear individuals make reviews all the time about being scared to place their car on a chassis dyno. Some individuals seem to be to be fearful that they will harm their vehicles, when in simple fact the chassis dyno is actually no more durable on your car or truck than going total throttle up a freeway on-ramp or down a region highway. So if you would be inclined to do both of those people matters in your trip then really don’t worry about the chassis dyno. But what about a 300,000 mile OBS Chevry truck?

Rebeldryver’s work truck OBS Chevy is getting some adore and staying brought back to a much better life, but not before testing out the stock engine that is beneath the hood with 300,000 miles. It’s rough, it tends to make no electricity, and it has some oil pressure issues and much more. He’ll fill you in, but it is not fantastic.

Will the chassis dyno be far too a lot for it? Or will it surprise us and make more electrical power than we think?

Video Description:

On a whim we resolved to dyno test my POS winter season beater ’90 Chevy 4×4. I paid out $1000 for this point. It has 300,000 miles on the TBI 350. It is worn out for absolutely sure. But, I needed a baseline electrical power amount due to the fact we system to make some updates. We aren’t going crazy with paying out on this rusted-out truck. But, we want to make improvements to our electric power and towing capacity. Perhaps even some fun offroad use. The results were surprising on different ranges.


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