S58 CustomROM support is Now Accessible !🙌

Above the past year we’ve worked tirelessly to make substantial automation that would let us to port our CustomROM options throughout computer software updates as they get introduced for automobiles we assistance. We utilized it to the S58 and managed to incorporate support for all 8 S58 program variations like all G8x M3/M4 and G9x X3M/X4M.

FlexFuel, AntiLag, MapSwitching, LiveAdjust Tuning, In-Sprint Ethanol Information Check out, and close to 5000 tuning tables out there in the bm3 Map Editor.

🔸Any new OTS Maps obtainable?
Two new MultiMap OTS maps, Phase 1 and a Stage 2. Just about every MultiMap contains 4 steering wheel switchable map slots. FlexFuel and Antilag are developed into all of them and scale from to 100% ethanol.

🔸Can I get this if my DME is at present LOCKED and calls for a FEMTO Unlock?
Of course. You will need to obtain a BM3 license, activate your bootmod3 application license, and then send out your DME to Femto. We provided Femto with indicates to load BM3 CustomROM application together with our Transmission Limiter Bypass. At the time you get your DME again from Femto, it’s going to have the BM3 CustomROM on it with their unlock.

🔸Can I get this if my DME is Femto UNLOCKED?
Unfortunately, thanks to particulars all over the Femto unlock, you will want to have your DME resent to Femto for CustomROM program to be used alongside side their unlock. Your DME would reduce its Femto unlock if we authorized a entire flash of the software to be completed. If you were to flash the MultiMap without having resending it to Femto, you will simply have MultiMap’s map1 energy out there and no CustomROM functions.

🔸Do I require to clone my DME for this?

🔸Can I get this if my DME is OBD or Bench unlocked (older X3M/X4M)?
Certainly, flash absent.

🔸Is there an S58 Flex Gas components kit?
Our S58-precise Flex Gas package hardware is on the way so be on the lookout! Any other flex fuel package centered on the off the shelf Zeitronix ECA2 CANBUS controller can also be utilised. In the meantime, you can use the LiveAdjust screen in the app to scale your ethanol content on demand.

Pleased hunting!

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