Ceramic GWash from GTECHNIQ Offers an All-in-One Shampoo that Cleans and Protects

GTECHNIQ has made a name for themselves with their science-based automotive paint protection formulas that work at the molecular level to protect your Corvette’s exterior and keep it looking great. Their Crystal Serum ceramic coatings have earned rave reviews for the extreme level of protection they provide while C1 Crystal Lacquer gives great results for the home detailer.

More and more Corvette owners are protecting their rides with ceramic coatings while the rest of you have probably thought about it. Ceramic GWash is a new shampoo from GTECHNIQ which provides an all-in-one solution for vehicles with and without ceramic coatings. It’s specially designed to work in conjunction with GTECHNIQ’s other formulas, and it’s safe to use on matte and satin finishes as well.

If your Corvette doesn’t have a ceramic coating already applied, Ceramic GWash is formulated with high-quality surfactants that deep clean your Vette’s exterior while ceramic sealants provide hydrophobic protection that’s proven to last up to three months.

Ceramic G-Wash from GTECHNIQ Offers All-in-One Shampoo that Cleans and Protects

Washing a vehicle that has been ceramic coating can be somewhat of a challenge as ceramic coatings are inherently designed to repel water and foam, leaving panels subject to abrasion as you rub your cleaning mitt over them. Ceramic GWash is a non-suds formula that offers a highly-lubricated swirl-free wash that lifts dirt and oil from the painted surfaces and leaves behind a hydrophobic finish.

A common misconception is that your car shampoo has to foam for it to work. That’s actually not the case according to GTECHNIQ’s scientists. Ceramic GWash’s specially-formulated surfactants and its ceramic coating ingredients cause any foaming to quickly break down. Yet, your cleaning mitt will glide over the car’s panels to give you the kind of deep cleaning you expect from a GTECHNIQ lab-formulated car shampoo.

Ceramic G-Wash from GTECHNIQ Offers All-in-One Shampoo that Cleans and Protects

Ceramic GWash is super-concentrated and it starts at $25.95 for a 500ml bottle, or you can get the 1-liter size for $42.95 and each comes with a measuring cap for precise measuring. Ceramic GWash can be added to a washing bucket for hand washing or, for added hydrophobic protection, it can be directly applied to a WM2 Microfibre Wash Mitt and then applied to each panel. You’ll also see more pronounced effects from the ceramic coating with continued use of Ceramic GWash at least once every two weeks to a month.

Introducing the all-new Ceramic GWash

GTECHNIQ’s Ceramic Gwash is made for use by the average automotive enthusiast but if you would prefer to have it or any other GTECHNIQ products added by a professional, visit gtechniq.com to find your nearest accredited GTECHNIQ detailer.