The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette is definitely one particular of the coolest cars and trucks in our extended-term fleet. But owing to COVID disrupting our typical automobile signout system, I hadn’t pushed it much since we bought it in mid-2020. My fortunes modified before this 12 months when I approached auto czar Mike Schmidt with a ask for: Place me in a car or truck that I could keep in for a though. Mike determined the Corvette as a appropriate candidate outside of the occasional online video visual appearance, there was not a strong organization will need from our staff.

And that is how I ended up paying out 4 out of 7 months this 12 months in the very long-expression Corvette. Here’s how the Corvette held up as my day-to-day driver, from using it as an airport shuttle, grocery getter and pregnant-spouse transport.

Easy to use in most instances

Backing up a bit — in the interest of total disclosure, Mike had also offered the Shelby GT500. At 6-foot-4, I match in the Shelby much more easily, but its pinchy Recaro seats and cumbersome all around-city managing manufactured it significantly less attractive in my eyes. I was willing to deal with the Corvette’s tighter inside in trade for the exceptional driving experience.

My takeaway: Though the cabin isn’t spacious, the Corvette’s easy maneuverability, enjoyable trip, supportive seats and always-there power made it an outstanding companion for daily duties.

The Corvette’s steering is beautifully immediate and rapid, with a good amount of resistance as you move from the heart placement. You don’t have to wrestle with the wheel to get it to change, but you are always aware of the place it (and as a result the tires) are pointing. The steering motion goes a prolonged way in building the motor vehicle come to feel easy to generate on a commute — neither darty nor ungainly.

I have not driven a C8 Corvette without the need of the adaptive suspension, but I suspect it can be really worth the excess shell out. We ticked the box for the magnetorheological dampers when we specced our long-termer, and I can say with out a doubt that this is one of the ideal-driving athletics cars and trucks on sale right now. The Corvette glides around cracks in the street that would develop a jittery ride in other significant-performance coupes. It is really similarly composed at large speeds when you could possibly strike a bump or growth joint on the freeway.

The seats are one more substantial point. Even however we opted for the midrange GT2 buckets — sportier than the beforehand offered standard thrones but a lot less hardcore than the Competitors Activity seats — I uncovered them quite at ease. They are highly adjustable and, in spite of currently being a a lot more aggressive possibility, effectively suited for most journeys. Score but one more win for the Corvette’s every day usability.

Eventually, you will find the completely best 6.2-liter V8 just guiding your head. Even when you’re reduced in the powerband, you can experience the gobs of torque at your disposal if you give the throttle the most momentary of blips. Variety of like the Porsche 911, the Corvette has an accelerator pedal with some resistance baked into its bodily motion. The little excess work needed suggests that the motorists are conscious of the ask for for ability that they are creating. You aren’t heading to accidentally press the pedal and rocket forward, in other words and phrases. It’s all extremely purposeful. And the V8 has no challenge rapidly ramping up the miles for every hour. The Corvette feels so brief, it really is nearly hard to feel that this will sooner or later be the base engine in a lineup total of even spicier powertrains. 

The stuff that won’t operate

Even while the Corvette is fairly sensible by sports activities car or truck benchmarks, it really is nonetheless a mid-engine coupe. The cabin is on the little aspect, and presented my body’s silly proportions, I have to make some sacrifices in buy to fit. This implies choosing among scooching closer to the wheel so my head just isn’t butting up against the roof, or shifting the seat again and propping my head against the roof’s metallic crossbar. I usually choose for less legroom/much more headroom.

My spouse and I also located out that a pregnant female can comfortably get in and out of the passenger seat till about halfway as a result of the fifth month. Scrunching to arrive at the door take care of following you get in is a small challenging but can be mitigated by the existence of a handy husband or wife on the outdoors. Past this issue, while, acquiring in and out of the low-slung Corvette becomes as well considerably of a problem. At the time the kid’s property, the Corvette goes into the garage. You could possibly as nicely get made use of to it now.

Last but not least, storage possibilities for much larger goods are limited. I experienced to pack hefty for a modern vacation, which intended breaking out a big suitcase. I am a lousy planner and failed to imagine to test putting the suitcase into the vehicle just before I packed it. On the early morning of my flight, I realized the case wouldn’t suit in the Corvette’s passenger seat. I finished up swapping into my wife’s compact SUV as airport transport. A different journey a several months later revealed that even a standard-sized have-on could not be stowed in the rear trunk. I could technically place it in, but the hatch would not shut. Into the passenger seat it went — cosy, but doable.

Edmunds states

Apart from a handful of cargo and private area difficulties, using the Chevrolet Corvette as a day by day driver is no problem. That’s fairly remarkable supplied its functionality capabilities.