Latest planning applications submitted and decided in and around Mansfield and Ashfield in the week commencing Monday, July 11, 2022:

Latest applications submitted to Mansfield Council:

9 Berry Hill Mews, Mansfield: Single-storey rear extension;

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4-4A High Street, Warsop

The Croft, 5 Windmill Lane, Mansfield: Tree works;

155 Clipstone Road West, Forest Town: Two-storey side and single-storey rear extensions, walk-in bay window, new boundary wall, hardstanding, detached garage and entrance gate with widened vehicle access;

9 Leeming Lane North, Mansfield Woodhouse: Demolition and site clearance of existing buildings and construction of two retail units, customer parking and associated works;

58 Helmsley Road, Rainworth: Single-storey rear extension and raised patio area;

Available Car, Calladine Business Park, Orchard Way, Sutton.

3 Sandgate Avenue, Mansfield Woodhouse: Single-storey rear extension and garage side extension;

22 Woodhouse Road, Mansfield: Change of use from residential to house of multiple occupation;

4 Randol Close, Mansfield: Single-storey rear/side extension;

59 Ling Forest Road, Mansfield: Two-storey side extension;

38 Woodland Grove, Mansfield Woodhouse: Single-storey rear extension;

23 Church Street, Mansfield: Internal works including renovation of shop and rear conversion to flat on ground floor, two-storey rear extension to provide two additional flats.

Latest applications decided by Mansfield Council:

224 Big Barn Lane, Mansfield: Rear dormer and convert existing loft space. Approved;

44 Delamere Drive, Mansfield: Two-storey side and front extension. Conditional permission;

28 Church Hill Avenue, Mansfield Woodhouse: Two-storey rear extension and alterations. Conditional permission;

2 Queens Walk, Mansfield: Plasterboard partition. Conditional permission;

17 Poplar Grove, Forest Town: Single-storey rear and side extensions. Conditional permission;

105 Mansfield Road, Warsop: Single-storey rear/side extension, first-floor rear extension and detached outbuilding with solar panels. Conditional permission;

99 Leeming Lane North, Mansfield Woodhouse: Brick-build garage to replace prefabricated garage. Conditional permission;

Hall Farm, Sookholme Lane, Sookholme: Earth bund. Conditional permission;

2 Stanley Road, Mansfield: Change of use of vehicle rental unit to MoT service station and vehicle repairs. Conditional permission;

192 Nottingham Road, Mansfield: Change of use from car rental site to drive-through hand car wash, including splash screens and associated development. Conditional permission;

4-4A High Street, Warsop: Change of use from bank to hot-food takeway and flat at first floor, including new shop front and door to front elevation. Conditional permission;

Brentwood, 13 High Oakham Road, Mansfield: Detached dwelling with garage and associated vehicle access. Conditional permission;

23 Lindhurst Lane, Mansfield: Removal of tree and replace with tree in different location. Conditional permission.

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Bid to extend car dealership

Latest applications submitted to Ashfield Council include:

95 Forest Road, Annesley Woodhouse: First-floor side extension, conversion of flat roof to a pitched roof to include loft conversion;

Portland College, Nottingham Road, Harlow Wood: New outdoor classroom and stables within existing donkey sanctuary

275 Mansfield Road, Sutton: Single-storey rear extension

1 Dove Drive, Selston: Two-storey side and partial front extension;

138 Kirkby Road, Sutton: Single-storey extension to the rear and side;

73 Dalestorth Road, Sutton: Two-storey side extension and single-storey rear extension;

Available Car, Calladine Business Park, Orchard Way, Sutton: Extension to existing car workshop, internal alterations, additional windows at first floor level to existing elevations, solar panels to existing and proposed roof and associated external works.

Latest applications decided by Ashfield Council include:

Stoneavon, 274A Mansfield Road, Sutton: Demoliton of garages and outbuidlings, creation of two dwellings and associated access. Refused;

Land adjacent 1 Yew Tree Drive, Huthwaite: Dwelling. Conditional permission;

105 Plainspot Road, Underwood: Single-storey rear and side extensions. Conditional permission;

Unit 9A, Farmwell Lane, Sutton: Illuminated sign. Conditional permission;

106 Main Road, Jacksdale: Two-storey rear extension with rear single-storey elements demolished. Conditional permission;

78 Station Road, Sutton: Demoition of existing conservatory and construction of single-storey rear extension. Conditional permission.

Café hope for bowling club

Latest applications submitted to Bolsover Council include:

Langwith Junction Bowling Club, Recreation Road, Langwith Junction: Change of use from bowling club to café/coffee shop.

Latest applications decided by Bolsover Council include:

6 Hazel Crescent, Shirebrook: Double-storey side extension, single storey to rear, extension to hardstanding at front. Conditional permission;

George UTZ, Grange Close, South Normanton: Four, 20-metre-high storage silos and associated engineering works to service area. Conditional permission;

48 Hereward Close, Shirebrook: Shed/workshop attached to existing garage. Conditional permission;

Land adjacent north-west side of 19 Main Street, South Normanton: Detached dwelling. Conditional permission.

Car storage bid

Latest applications submitted to Gedling Council include:

Ridgewood, Newstead Abbey Park, Nottingham Road, Ravenshead: Detached garage and storage;

1 Mansfield Road, Papplewick: Change of use from offices to vehicle storage, vehicle preparation and sales operation of part-ground floor.

Latest applications decided by Gedling Council include:

71 Nottingham Road, Ravenshead: Extension at rear of house. Conditional permission;

Nottingham Sun Club, Brackenwood, Newstead Abbey Park, Nottingham Road, Ravenshead: Tree work. Conditional permission;

30 Forest Lane, Papplewick: Two-storey front extension to form two feature gables with glazed entrance infill, single-storey side extension, two-storey rear extension, alterations to rear roof above the proposed two-storey rear extension to provide gable and alterations to roof from hip to gable, erection of front boundary wall with timber infill panels and gates. Conditional permission;

84 Chapel Lane, Ravenshead: Dwelling. Conditional permission;

11 Regina Crescent, Ravenshead: Single-storey side extension. Withdrawn.

Horse shelters rejected

31 Newark Road, Ollerton: Single-storey rear extension;

St Edmunds Grange, Green Lane, Walesby: Tree works;

Orange mast, Clipstone Holding Centre, Mansfield Road, Clipstone: Removal of six antennas, installation of three new antennas located on support poles on the existing headframe, the installation of a GPS node located on an antenna support pole and ancillary development;

Ringstead, 48 Kirklington Road, Bilsthorpe: Create first floor by fitting attic truss roof with solar panels on south elevation;

Ollerton Hall, Main Street, Ollerton: Refurbishment of Grade II-listed property to provide eight new apartments including a new vehicle garage, bin, and cycle store.

Latest applications decided by Newark & Sherwood Council include:

14 Main Street, Blidworth: Single-storey rear extension. Prior approval not required;

5 Highfield Road, Clipstone: Rear extension, part single-storey and part two-storey and front porch. Refused;

4 Breck Bank Crescent, Ollerton: Single-storey rear extension with pitched roof and rooflights. Approved;

The Acres, Cotton Mill Lane, Farnsfield: Skateboard park. Approved;

Field number 6815, New Lane, Blidworth: Retention of existing structures for agricultural purposes. Refused;

Stokeley Cross Lane, Blidworth: Two-storey front and side extension. Refused;

Land adjacent Jesmondene Cottage, Calverton Road, Blidworth Bottoms: Change of use of land from agriculture to equestrian and erection of mobile field shelters. Refused;

Plots 3 and 15 New Lane, Blidworth: Change of use of land to equestrian use and formation of new access tracks to both plots, new shelter and retention of open-fronted field shelter to plot 3. Refused;

Plot 13, New Lane, Blidworth: Change of use of land to equestrian use, retention of field shelters and hay store and formation of new access track. Refused;

Plots 9 and 10 New Lane, Blidworth: Change of use to equestrian use, retention of stables and field shelter and formation of new access track. Refused;

Plot 2, Cross Lane, Blidworth: Change of use to equestrian use, retention of field shelter and formation of new access track. Refused;

Plots 4, 5 and 8, New Lane, Blidworth: Change of use of land to equestrian, retention of associated field shelters/hay store/stables and formation of new access tracks. Refused;

Plot 11, New Lane, Blidworth: Change of use of land to equestrian and retention of associated stables. Refused.