Alpine A110 EV Electric Powertrain

Here's Your First Look at the Electric Alpine A110 E-ternité - image 1092888

In contrast to the recent A110, which is powered by a 1.8-liter turbocharged inline 4-cylinder engine, the A110 E-ternité is all electric powered. It is offered with the very same electric powertrain as the Megane E-Tech: an electric powered motor that delivers a whole of 238 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque. But, when in comparison to the electrical Megane Alpine experienced to style a precise battery casing and to adapt the internal architecture of the A110. As this kind of, the A110 attributes 4 modules positioned up entrance and 8 at the rear.

By comparison, the A110 delivers 300 horsepower and 251 pound-feet. The E-ternité goes from to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds, and can strike a major velocity of 155 mph. The ICE run A110 does the exact dash in 4.2-4.4 seconds and goes up to a major velocity of 161-174 mph. Also, when in contrast to the A110, the E-ternité received 258 kilo, typically because of its 392-kilo battery pack. The idea also promises a assortment of 420 kilometers (260 miles).

What differentiates the Alpine A110 E-ternité Concept?

Here's Your First Look at the Electric Alpine A110 E-ternité - image 1092896

The E-ternité Concept looks a ton like the A110 principle, but it will come with a removable roof. Crucial sections of the auto, like the bonnet, roof, rear window, grille, seat shells, and rear skirt, are designed from flax: a light-weight and more environmentally welcoming materials. Also, on the interior the cockpit was specifically designed, and it also integrates a state-of-the-artwork audio technique with 8 speakers and an revolutionary multimedia process employing the driver’s own tablet as the multimedia screen.

When will the A110 E-ternité get there?

Here's Your First Look at the Electric Alpine A110 E-ternité - image 1092889

The notion was introduced to celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary and link a prestigious earlier with a 100% electrical long run. Luca de Meo has a very clear goal: “to electrify the up coming Alpine automobiles, and why not beginning by the A110,” which usually means that the generation model of the A110 E-ternité need to arrive someday in the upcoming two-3 decades.