Those people that have a rabbit corkscrew in their residences, will see that in time, it starts performing strangely and as a substitute of rotating the cork upwards it will do the opposite. This essentially suggests that the cork will not pop out any longer, and rather it will be pushed in or broken within the bottle. If you have discovered this circumstance, then you have to know how to fix the rabbit corkscrew, and the subsequent methods will support you with this.

Action 1: You have to see how the rabbit corkscrew performs when positioned on prime of the wine bottle. Its two aspect pins will clamp on the sides of the bottle, and then have to be in the appropriate place, underneath the handles, so that the screw will not be allowed to rotate in the incorrect course.

Phase 2: Once the two pins have been recognized, you ought to aim on the movement of the corkscrew’s handles. When you push them, they should securely position the pins on each and every side on the bottle. If they are not, then the inside bushing that aids them to do that may be deteriorated. This bushing is a little plastic circle that is placed on the within.

Move 3: The bushing of the rabbit corkscrew need to be protected, relying on the product, beneath the pins. You have to choose the covers off and then evaluate the state in which the bushings are. In most conditions, they journey to the outdoors of their enclosing region, which helps make it hard for the screw to pull the cork out.

Action 4: If this is the scenario, and the bushings are put upper, then all you have to have to do is to force them back into their authentic placement and the rabbit corkscrew should really be mounted. To do this, use any sort of device that will come in useful, which can healthy into the housing and can be employed to press the bushings backwards. When you deal with to do this, utilizing even a common kitchen area knife, the corkscrew is ready for ordinary usage all over again.