The unnumbered cards are humorous, odd, and insightful all at the very same time. Each individual options a vibrant vehicleicature on the entrance, with the name changed a bit to produce a lampooned version of the genuine issue, like Blunderbird (a feather-coated variation of the Ford Thunderbird), Booick (a Halloween-themed Buick), and Stinkin’ Continental (a skunk-like Lincoln). You get the picture.

The backs include 3 transient parts of copy—Safety Fax, a fill-in-the-blank sentence Funny Fax, a quick joke and Vehicle Fax, an automotive piece of trivia. Absolutely nothing on the back again corresponds to the car on the entrance. On the Toybota (a Toyota boat), for illustration, the Basic safety Fax displays a drawing of a traffic sign, with a dilemma mark inside the top circle, and a end sign. The duplicate upcoming to it reads: “Each of these matters is named a _ _ _ _ gentle and a _ _ _ _ indicator.” (Answer: Cease.) The Toybota’s Amusing Fax asks, “How is a motor vehicle like a coal miner?” (They both have on headlights.) The responses are uncovered in the decreased ideal corner of the card, but they are printed upside down and backwards, so you want a mirror—or a sharp mind—to decode them. Eventually, the Auto Fax describes: “The world’s to start with useful motorcar was the Benz Cozy. It was built in 1895 and had 3 wheels.”