Keep Your Cool This Summer with A/C and Window Replacement Parts from Corvette Central

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Summertime is officially here! If your Corvette is struggling to keep you cool on these hot days, our friends at Corvette Central can help with replacement parts for every component of your Corvette’s air conditioning system for any model year of Corvette.

If your Corvette doesn’t have a factory A/C system, consider adding a Vintage Air system. Finally, if your Corvette is like ours and you rely on your windows to provide what we call “55 mph air conditioning”, Corvette Central can help you keep your windows in peak operating performance with window cranks, seals, and power window parts.

Air Conditioning System Parts

Air Conditioning Systems

Your Corvette’s air conditioning system has several major components, and a failure in any one of them can result in your A/C not being able to cool the car. Here are some of those components and the functions they provide:

A/C Condensers: The air conditioning condenser is a radiator positioned between the car’s grille and the engine cooling radiator. The refrigerant enters the condenser as a high-pressure vapor, but as it flows through the condenser and cools, it turns back into a cooler high-pressure liquid. The liquid refrigerant then flows to the evaporator inside the dash where it cools the interior.

A/C Lines: Your air conditioning system has a series of hoses and tubes referred to as A/C Lines. These connect all the major components of the air conditioning system and carry liquid refrigerant and gasses through the system. The AC Lines can go bad and fail, which causes leaks and other performance issues.

A/C Boxes and Related Parts: The A/C boxes contain your heater and evaporators as well as the blower. The ventilation system’s motor blows air over the evaporator, making it cold before pushing it out of your Corvette’s vents.

A/C Controllers: If your heater and air conditioning control switches are frozen or broken, Corvette Central has replacement controllers, and there is even a service where they can rebuild your controllers for select years.

Interior Filters: Cockpit filters help reduce interior dust while providing fresh air for you and your passenger. These filter installs easily over the exterior cowl vent air inlets, greatly reducing dust and pollutants entering the interior. The heating/cooling system components are also protected from ingesting contaminants.

Add A Vintage Air System

Vintage Air SureFit Systems

If you have a classic Corvette without an Air Conditioning system, consider adding the Vintager Air SureFit air conditioning system from Corvette Central. With the ever-increasing value of classic Corvettes, the Vintage Air system kits are engineered to use as many of the factory-drilled holes and brackets as possible to maintain your Corvette’s value. The SureFire kits are designed to hold the evaporator and air duct hoses behind the dash for a clean factory-like appearance.

The Vintage Air SureFit Kits provide full OEM-style operations, including air conditioning, floor or vent heating, and a powerful defroster. The complete kit includes the evaporator, condenser, drier, compressor, compressor bracket, hose kit, and binary safety switch.

Click here to see the Vintage Air SureFit systems from Corvette Central.

Window Parts

Window Parts

My Corvette doesn’t have an air conditioning system, so I rely on the vent windows in my 1966 Convertible to provide “55 mph air conditioning” as I drive down the street. So keeping the windows fully functional helps keep this driver cool. Corvette Central can keep your Corvette’s windows moving in the right direction with these parts:

Window Cranks: The window and vent window crank handles are exact reproductions developed and manufactured for and assembled by Corvette Central.

Window Seals: Window seals and the related felt kits can help keep dirt and debris from getting inside your doors which can interfere with your windows operations.

Power Windows: Corvette Central carries a full line of parts dedicated to keeping your power windows fully functional. If your Corvette doesn’t have power windows, there are a number of conversion kits available.

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