By Dave Sorrendino, August 10, 2022

Ok, so Lucid has not named its new vainness offer after Darth Vader, it is simply recognized as the Stealth Offer. Though we do envision Darth Vader would be instead favorable to this kind of a motor vehicle if he lived on earth. Simply because Lucid is a 1-product-only electrical vehicle company, the Air is the recipient of this imaginative marketing and advertising bombshell. Just about every fashionable motor vehicle company in existence has, at some position, offered a blacked-out edition. Black paint, black every little thing. Behold the Lucid Air Stealth edition which has about 35 unique vanity upgrades according to Lucid.

The Lucid Air Stealth Edition is out there in possibly a satin graphite end or gloss black. The gloss black complete provides the Airt a sinister stealth appearance from front to rear. No portion of the exterior bodywork has been still left untouched through the spraying method. No spot is free from the stealth-out glance.

Lucid Air Stealth Edition - Front

The finishing touch are the alloy wheels which come in two options, 20-inch or 21-inch diameters. The Stealth package deal is readily available to purchase as a $6,000 option and will be unveiled at the Monterey Automobile 7 days at Motorlux on Wednesday, August 17th.

Lucid Air Stealth Edition - 3QR

Is the Lucid Air Stealth Version promoting buzz? We genuinely do not why this story is deserving of coverage, it ought to be a sluggish news day. Lucid need to be attempting to bury bad information and the Stealth Edition is a common distraction system.

What is halting recent Lucid Air homeowners from obtaining their automobiles wrapped?

Lucid Air Stealth Edition - Hero