Over the last couple of months, teachers and students at Newstead Wood School have been working on introducing and English society to the school’s already diverse range of clubs. 

The club, which takes place weekly, is an opportunity for those interested to further delve into the subject of English and present a chosen topic in front of audience. Since the club was established in early 2022, there have been a variety of lectures, ranging from constrained writing to evil women in literature.  

As a subject, English is essential as it gives you transferrable skills. Many of those who study English at A-level and as a degree often go on to pursue law, journalism, politics etc. Furthermore, by doing English one gains the vital skill of being able to analyse and think critically; may that be analysing literature or other works.  

The society itself allows both upper and lower school students to explore different interpretations of literature, improve their abilities of a writer and understand the role of a critical perspective in any analytical situation.  

Every week, a different lecture takes place and these have instantly become popular amongst not only students but teachers too! Those who go regularly have said: “English society is an informative club which I have found not only entertaining but simultaneously beneficial to my knowledge in a fun way!” Yuti Kumar. Another regular attendee said: “I love the variety of presentations that are available, from Greek mythology to the truth in dystopia. I think the interaction levels [within the group] as the lectures are structured and written by students, making them relatable and motivational.” Sumukhi Vadrevu.  

Overall, this new initiative is thriving and the society hopes to hear more from students about their enthralling takes on popular works of writing or concepts within the vast world of English.