Production-ready Hyundai IONIQ 5 N Spied in Europe

In this exam travel short article we gonna take a closer glance at the Genesis GV60 Activity+, the G80 Electrical and the GV80. 
We experienced the possibility to test each automobile for around 1 hour.

This wont be a big details examination-push evaluate, but we are evaluating all the cars in opposition to every single other and want to give you tipps for the finest usecase of them.

GV 80 – “The Significant One”
– The GV80 is now the most important Genesis out there in Europe (for consumers)
– 3. Liter Diesel Motor / 4WD
– All offers have been there (Lexicon, Tech-package deal, Nappa-Leather and so on.)


The GV80 with the 3. Liter Diesel (278 HP) is a fantastic preference for individuals who realy like to tow heavy stuff. It is required to talk about it (again), because it was the on line gasoline-powered engine in our exam generate celebration.

There is not considerably to say beside the typical things from other opinions. The enigine feels like a motor from yet another company which is well-known for their 6 cylinder… (starts with B**)

It has a good punch at any speed and there is not seriously generally a rationale for the computerized transmission to alter gears. The transmission is an “old-school” transmission (no DCT) but it performs excellent and is over and above clean.

The automobile made use of all-around 9,2 liter in our testdrive (when driving ordinary), if you want to conserve the enviroment at all expenses it is probable to get the auto down to around 8 Liter/100km. 

This is not the most effective in course (like i reported in my GV70 overview), thanks to the improve to a whole electric powered lineup before long, but it is okay considering the fact that it is not much too much.


The automobile drives excellent, even when it is a bit as well massive for compact town-streets/roadworks, the auto is almost 2m broad, it does not feel big whilst driving. 

It has a superior suspension and does not sense to easy on the 19″ wheels.In some cases huge SUVs start off to get to gentle although driving and this is definetly not the scenario with the GV80. 

The brakes are something i would like to spotlight, they are fantastic whilst driving gradual and they are great if you need an crisis brake.


As i said previously the car had the entire deal record. So what can i say about the interior?

It is excellent, you have huge room in the entrance and also in the again. Even tall folks like me (1,92m) can simply sit in the back and continue to extend their legs.

The seat heating/cooling performs terrific on all seats and the nappa-leather is one particular of the finest.

As a common Genesis, the luxury steering-wheel feels excellent with the soft leather-based and after a short time you get employed to the 2-spoke design and style.

The amusement system is on par with the GV70 (see my assessment) but there are small variances.

The Lexicon Audio technique has a bit superior bass, but the substantial and mid tones dont experience so on location in comparison to the GV70. 

It is continue to just one of the ideal sound-units you can hear to but the GV70 has a virtually ideal/much better balancing. 

The weather method is not touch command and has black buttons with smooth-paint and dont come to feel so significant-class (still great) like the contact GV70 or the G80 method.

But this is a little bit much more of a particular choice.

There is 1 good aspect in the GV80, considering that this vehicle can also be a 7 seater you have the option to start off a “Fond conversation”.

The microphone from the driver side will give the speech over the soundsystem to the center- and reaseats. Awesome strategy 🙂


This is your automobile if you have to have some kind of utility car or truck, with plenty of room, a sweet motor, luxurious, comfort and decent towing capacity.

Maintain in intellect that it is actually big for european parking tons and the motor is not the most efficent of its class.

Beside that, excellent car with a good cost comparing to the other massive SUVs.

G80 Electric powered – “The Peaceful One”
– To start with electric Model from Genesis
– 370 HP / 4WD
– Full package deal (with executive offer)


370 HP dual-motor with all-wheel-drive… Almost nothing to say here, this beast drives like a champ, but hold out, there are some small infos i would like to share.

First of all, if you dont change the generate modes to Sport, your G80e will constantly push and sense like a RWD, considering that it is only applying the rear motor. 

Works terrific, and drives good. Furthermore you have a suprisingly minimal intake. It is possible to drive this motor vehicle on normal/eco with under 19kWh.


If you activate the Sport manner you instantly notice how quick and “responsive” this motor vehicle can get. This automobile performs like a sport car but with this kind of an magnificent silence inside the cabin (thanks sound cancelling)

-100 km/h (-60mph) in marginally under 5 seconds, no problem… Considering the fact that there are areas of the E-GMP integrated you have the wonderfull 800V and this will make charging/refuelling the automobile enjoyment. You need to have all over 22 minutes for the ordinary 10-80%

The array is WLTP 520km… But to be reasonable, you will constantly achieve all around 400km+ even with undesirable problems. It also closely relies upon on your driving type and enviroemnt (city, highway and many others.)

The auto has a very good comfort and ease but also a fairly small centre of mass. This provides you a comfortable trip which has no panic of curvy roadways. 

Cornering is fantastic and to complete no time I had the experience the motor vehicle looses grip or commences to get clumsy. The brakes are good and in typical predicaments you will often brake with the recuperation method.


Excellent! <- (TLDR)

I could write hours over all the details in the Genesis Interiors, but you wont read it at all or it will get boring after some time…

Genesis is not comparable to everything else from the Hyundai Motor Group. Especially if you order your car with the nappa-leather it is not even miles ahead, there are countrys between it…

Dont get me wrong, the interior of Hyundai and Kia are nice and i really like them, but the leather, buttons, armrests leather, doorboard materials etc. are just ahead.

Even the inside of the doorboard (the bootle holder) is leathered and so soft it can easily compete against my Genesis Coupe seat-leather and it will win 🙂

The rear seats from the G80 are great. You dont have as much space as in the GV80 but it is enough for me (remember… I am 1,92m), have a very comfortable but sporty feeling and the tablet (executive package) has a very good response time and resolution.

You have several options on them, Navigation, Cameras, News and for example if you have Videos on a USB stick, you can watch them on it with your own headphones plugged in.

With the brown interior, the one we had, you instantly see how good and where all the leather is used and one nice detail for me is the seatbelt in the same colour. Great work 🙂

Offtopic: I love such good working style, like the interior “Dark Marine-Blue” in the GV70 with the red stitches and red seatbelts.

Beside all the leather stuff, the buttons, as i said earlier, are top notch, the climate control is intuitive like the GV70 one and you still dont have to crawl through the touch screen to get the climate running.

Great job and not often the case today.

But! There is a downside on the G80… The trunk.

It is way smaller than in the G80 (with combustion engine) and you have a “bump” in it. If you need an even trunk, this car will not be your favorite…

If you are not needing all the space from the normal sedan trunk, then it wont hurt you and you can go 


We had a great time with the G80, if you look for a very well balanced electric car in the upper premium-class (not price wise) you should go for it.

Beside the trunk this is a great car which can be drive sporty, comfortable and makes zero problems on long range drives.

Genesis GV60 “The Wild One”
– First new all electric model
– up to 490 HP (Sport+ and Boost)
– Fancy Colours available


Whoa, not many people will know it (for example Lennox Lewis), but can you guess the feeling when “Vitali Klitschko” punches your neck/stomach?

No? Drive this car and test the Boost mode! Around 4 seconds to 100 km/h ist just amazing.

But it can still be driven with rather low battery usage. We managed to get around 21kWh/100km with some “boost-punches”.