Come December 10, RM Sotheby’s will be auctioning off an untouched 6.-litre Tipo F140B V12 out of a Ferrari Enzo in a literal crate.

We can only hope that another person purchases this and does some ludicrous motor swap but we will have to wait around and see what comes about at the Miami event.

The Tipo F140B was the first of the F140 collection engines, debuting in the Ferrari Enzo in 2002. The normally-aspirated V12 delivered 651 horses, creating it the most impressive naturally-aspirated production car or truck engine in the earth at the time. It was also utilised in the Maserati MC12 and 599 GTB.

The most powerful iteration of system is the 819 hp variant located in the Competizione variants.

What will make this buy quite engaging is the point that you cant simply purchase a Ferrari motor in this form. This particular device was transported from Ferrari directly to the System Vehicle Copenhagen dealership. This indicates the engine could have been intended to exchange a blown or weakened motor in an current Enzo.

RM Sotheby’s suggests it could be mounted for exhibit. A unusual Enzo motor would undoubtedly make a terrific showpiece, even though it would be a disgrace to see it denied the chance to run.

There is no reserve on the engine but they are suggesting a sale value of among $200,000 and $300,000 (approx. R5.1m).