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The earth of autos is one of tales. Tales about racing, about engineering, or basically about spots you have absent on your personal 4 wheels. But a single type of tale stands apart, always spoken in hushed tones and spreading like classroom gossip: Urban legends.

Currently, we’re speaking about urban myths from the world of cars and trucks — the greatest tales that feel like they could be legitimate, but will very likely hardly ever be demonstrated. With so lots of decades to construct up tall tales and legends, there are countless numbers that surround the auto. What is your beloved?

Image for article titled What's Your Favorite Automotive Urban Legend?

Photograph: Michael Gil from Calgary, AB, Canada, CC BY 2. , by means of Wikimedia Commons

For me, initially location has to go to the Pontiac Fiero. Precisely, to the idea that the Fiero was just as well good to survive — and that GM killed it off for the reason that it risked outperforming the Corvette. Seeking in the abstract, evaluating a lightweight mid-engined V6 sports coupe to a larger, V8-powered heavyweight sitting in a small period of its profession, you can realize how the tale could line up. Sort of.

As an individual whose existence in no way coincided with Fiero production, nevertheless, the story has a form of implausibility that has normally made it hilarious. Fieros in my life time have usually had peeling clear coat, mismatched panels, and wheezing Iron Dukes put driving the rattly passenger compartment. That was at danger of outdoing the ‘Vette? Genuinely?

The supposed loss of life of the Fiero at the arms of the Corvette trustworthy inside GM will always be my favorite automotive urban legend — until, of system, one of your picks is even improved. Give us your favourite automotive myths and tall tales in the feedback, and we’ll select a few of our favorites for a slideshow tomorrow afternoon.